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Advanced Water Distribution Software WaterPack is a fully-dynamic EPANET based water distribution modeling package. It can analyze an entire water distribution system, or selected portions, under steady state or extended period simulations, with water quality analysis if needed.

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Easy Model Development

WaterPack is easy to learn and use. WaterPack models can be quickly developed using a variety of different sources. For example, network components can be directly imported from AutoCAD, MicroStation, and ArcGIS, and can be interactively created using a mouse by simply pointing and clicking. Graphical symbols are used to represent network elements such as pipes, junction nodes, pumps, control valves, tanks, and reservoirs. WaterPack allows you, at any time, to interactively add, insert, delete, or move any network component, automatically updating the modeling database. For example, selecting and moving a node automatically moves all connected pipes, valves, and pumps.

Pipes can be curvilinear and lengths automatically computed. Scanned aerial orthophoto TIFF images and maps; Mr. SID high-resolution orthophotos; ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and MicroStation files of streets, parcels, and buildings can be imported and displayed as a background image. This feature allows the user to quickly digitize a network model, confirm the network layout, or simply enhance the output modeling results. Moreover, the user can point to or click on any network junction, pipe, pump, valve, or tank from the horizontal plan view to quickly determine the defined input data and output modeling results.