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Advanced Water Distribution Software WaterPack is a fully-dynamic EPANET based water distribution modeling package. It can analyze an entire water distribution system, or selected portions, under steady state or extended period simulations, with water quality analysis if needed.

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Advanced EPANET Modeling Support

WaterPack’s graphical capabilities are unparalleled, providing multiple horizontal plan plots, profile plots-either of which can be animated for extended period simulations-and time series plots. All graphical plots can be printed at any user-defined scale.

For the horizontal plan plot, complete contouring of analysis results is available, including node elevation, HGL, pressure, demand, and any water quality constituent. This allows the engineer to quickly interpret the modeling results and identify any trouble spots. In addition, directional flow arrows can be plotted alongside the pipes to show the flow direction for any time step. Moreover, WaterPack provides automatic color-coding of pipes and nodes based upon any input or output property—allowing the network to be color-coded based upon pipe sizes, pressure zones, flow rates, velocities, head losses, nodal pressures, nodal demands, hydraulic grades, elevations, water age, percent source contributions, water quality concentrations, or any other attribute. Numerical ranges for colors can be specified as well. Furthermore, pipes can be plotted with variable width and nodes with variable radius, allowing the user to quickly identify those areas of the network experiencing the most flow, head loss, etc.

WaterPack will automatically generate animations of extended period simulations for both horizontal plan plots and profile plots, including the creation of Microsoft AVI files. Multiple animations can be performed simultaneously, allowing the user to plot several different profiles and watch all the results along that profile line, each in a separate window. Animation of the profile plots show values that change with respect to time for extended period simulations. In addition, profile plots can have two separate vertical axes to allow plotting of variables from two separate unit families, such as flow and pressure. Profile plots can be plotted along any user-selected route and can be displayed as line graphs, bar graphs, or mixed-along with complete graph customization. For example, profile plots can be plotted with an envelope to show the minimum and maximum values reached during an extended period simulation.

Multiple time-series plots can be generated for the various network elements such as pipe flow, velocity, head loss, nodal demand, pressure, hydraulic grade, water age, water quality constituent concentration, pump characteristic operating curve, tank water level, total and net system demand, etc. And, solution results from several scenarios can be displayed on the same plot, allowing the user to quickly compare analysis results. In addition, observed field data can also be directly linked to any plot, making it easy to calibrate a model.

AutoCAD Support

Leverage your AutoCAD® and Civil 3D platform, by sharing water distribution network design data with WaterPack. Update a pipe size, invert elevation, or pipe length within WaterPack and then share the updated change back into the AutoCAD drawing. This allows you to greatly increase your level of productivity.

In addition, existing AutoCAD and MicroStation drawings of water distribution networks can be automatically converted into a working water distribution model. Pipe diameters, pipe roughness, junction node elevations, and other drawing data can be geo-coded from the original drawing into the model.