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Advanced Water Distribution Software WaterPack is a fully-dynamic EPANET based water distribution modeling package. It can analyze an entire water distribution system, or selected portions, under steady state or extended period simulations, with water quality analysis if needed.

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Powerful Scenario Manager

WaterPack provides an easy-to-use inheritance tree-type scenario manager, allowing different “what if” scenarios to be quickly applied to the base water distribution model. This helps the user maintain a single model of the water distribution system and then quickly construct, apply, and evaluate different scenarios as they relate to the model. Scenarios can be cut, copied, and pasted between different branches in the inheritance-tree window, allowing the user to quickly combine different scenarios for a particular modeling concern. Scenarios are cumulative as additional scenarios are applied on a branch in the inheritance-tree window, the changes to the base model are included. In addition, a batch analysis feature is provided, allowing the user to select which scenario(s) to analyze, and then having the software automatically run the different scenarios.

The scenario manager also allows you to add and delete network elements, such as pipes, pump stations, valves, as well as add and delete network sub-models for each scenario. This enables the modeler to analyze master plans with future growth and land use changes in mind. The scenario manager enables efficient examination of alternative modeling scenarios, such as:

  • Augmentation of existing trunk and network pipe mains
  • Alternative demand conditions from increased populations
  • Alternative design boundary conditions
  • Alternative control and operational rules
  • Alternative water quality conditions
  • Construction of new pipe mains in order to accommodate
    new development

You can create an unlimited number of scenarios that share data in existing alternatives and then submit a multiple number of scenarios for a batch run computation. The scenario manager has no limit to what kind of changes can be made in the alternatives, e.g., topological changes (adding and deleting elements) can be made and reports of these changes are available.