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Advanced Water Distribution Software WaterPack is a fully-dynamic EPANET based water distribution modeling package. It can analyze an entire water distribution system, or selected portions, under steady state or extended period simulations, with water quality analysis if needed.

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Advanced Fire Flow Analysis

WaterPack can perform automated fire flow analysis, as well as plot fire hydrant rating curves of residual pressure versus available flow. Either single or multiple simultaneous fire flows can be simulated. This allows the user to rapidly access the adequacy of the water distribution network and to analyze proposed water distribution system improvements to meet fire flow requirements. Surrounding critical pressure flow nodes can be automatically determined, where the required minimum residual network pressure is not maintained. In addition, an entire municipality’s fire hydrant inventory can be modeled automatically, even though the hydrants are not part of the network model. In order to do this, WaterPack will link to a database containing the fire hydrant locations, and will then automatically perform a fire flow analysis at each hydrant systematically-storing the fire flow analysis results back in the database.