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Fanatical Support

Fanatical Support is what guides us to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations to deliver exceptional service when our customers are trying to complete a project under a tight deadline. When clients call BOSS, they are connected directly to an engineer on our support team, and most issues are resolved on the spot. Through these close working partnerships, BOSS is an extension of its customers’ engineering and IT departments, enabling those customers to stay focused on their core business.


At BOSS International, we are 100% committed to supporting our customers—making certain that they are staying productive using our products in their work. That is our number one goal as a company.

...they live up to their promise of fanatical support.

Technical support and customer service has become a hit or miss proposition in many industries, depending on which individual you get on the phone, and most of the time this inconsistency is due to differing levels of knowledge. With tech support, people want someone who knows what they are doing. And training people, as well as getting them to stay long enough to get experience handling calls and dealing with issues is tough. But BOSS International has touched on something far more intangible, and often missing with even the most knowledgeable support reps... you need someone who cares about helping you. That's the difference. The little things matter. The fact that if you call and something doesn't work, the person on the other line will do what it takes to fix it for you—whether they themselves know how to do it or not. That they will call you back with an answer. That's what fanatical support means to me, and presumably what BOSS wants it to mean for all their customers. I can tell you from my own experiences with their services that they live up to their promise of fanatical support.

Art Schubert, P.E.
Project Manager
Ithaca, NY

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Our Interactive Forums provide access to a great source of information: your fellow users. Use these Forums to communicate with others experiencing the same issues as yourself.

Great learning experience variety in lessons and applications...

Appreciated the hands-on approach to work related projects. He [Chris] was flexible with requests and questions about a variety of different aspects of the program. Great learning experience variety in lessons and applications, relaxed learning environment, work related applications.

Joanne HcHenry
Niagara Falls, ON, Canada


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I would highly recommend BOSS to anyone.

Customer service and technical support, etc, is the most important thing to me in a business. Unfortunately, it is terrible in so many businesses. However, I am very impressed at the support I have received from BOSS International. He has been diligent in responding and helping me with program issues. Jacob is out of town this week and yet he still made an effort to respond to my emails—even to simply say he is out of town doing training and that he will try and get to my questions during a break. Wow! His hotel didn't have broadband, and he made an effort to find a place that does so he can download files. That type of service goes a long way with me, and is so impressive, that it inspires me to strive to do the same with my clients. I would highly recommend BOSS to anyone.

Doug Trieste, P.H.
Breckenridge, CO

Our Commitment

BOSS International is founded on the principle of teamwork. As a team, our common goal is to develop state-of-the-art engineering software for our customers. That's why we strive as a team to be number one in our industry. And that holds true for our customer and technical support.

It is a direct reflection on the commitment of BOSS International.

While great companies are conceived on a daily basis, it is the personal attention that enables them to succeed. I truly appreciate all of the hard work and personal attention that your tech support team puts into their work. It is a direct reflection upon the commitment of BOSS International.

David W. Delemos
Sacramento, CA

Protect Your Investment

Engineering computer software can represent a major investment. The return on that is your competitive edge-high productivity. Smart buyers realize that a major part of that investment is in the time it takes to learn the system, and handle technical issues when they arise.

BOSS International 's customer and technical support is designed to help you protect your investment. Cut learning curves and reduce wasted, non-billable hours. Rely on the support that our customers call “the best in the business.” Our staff consists of professional civil engineers and hydrologists who use our software day-in and day-out. They understand real-world applications and your need to be productive.

Fast and Professional Response

Have you called a support number and waited hours, even days for a response? And when that response came, did the person on the other end understand both the software and your business?

Fast response times from our support team keep your projects on schedule. We take pride in the fact that 96% of our support calls are returned within one hour (usually within 15 minutes). Call as often as you like and talk as long as you need to, because our technical support is unlimited. Support is also available by email and fax.

In this world of poor service you guys stand out like a beacon.

Who do I contact to sing the praises of your organization? In this world of poor service you guys stand out like a beacon. We seldom experience such prompt responses and even more seldom get such very effective solutions to problems. Whenever I deal with BOSS my standards are reset.

Jacob Brooker, Director
South Africa

Product Updates

Product updates with new features and/or product enhancements are available for download from our web site. It's the easiest way to stay on top of the latest technology.