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StormPACK is the leading software for analyzing and designing urban drainage systems, stormwater sewers, and sanitary sewers. It includes a range of features and capabilities that make it faster, simpler to use, and more accurate. StormPACK is used by over 3,000 companies worldwide.

Advanced HEC-RAS Software in AutoCAD

StormPACK is a fully-dynamic hydrology and hydraulic model that can analyze both simple and complex stormwater systems. StormPACK can be used for: 

  • Highway drainage systems (including curb and gutter inlets)
  • Stormwater sewer networks and interconnected detention ponds
  • Subdivision drainage design
  • Automatic sizing and designing of detention ponds and outlet structures
  • Bridge and culvert modeling, including roadway overtopping
  • Water quality studies
  • Sanitary sewers, lift station design, CSO’s, and SSO’s

StormPACK is the only model that combines complex hydrology, hydraulics,and water quality in a completely graphical, easy-to-use interface. Both US and metric (SI) units are supported.

Stormwater and Wastewater Modeling

StormPACK is easy to learn and use. StormPACK models can be quickly developed using a variety of different sources. For example, network components can be directly imported from AutoCAD, MicroStation, and ArcGIS, and can be interactively created using a mouse by simply pointing and clicking. Or, develop and analyze your entire stormwater network model within AutoCAD Civil 3D using the StormPACK Civil 3D version. Graphical symbols are used to represent network elements such as manholes, pipes, pumps, weirs, ditches, channels, and detention ponds. StormPACK allows you, at any time, to interactively add, insert, delete, or move any network element, automatically updating the model. For example, selecting and moving a manhole automatically moves all connected pipes, ditches, channels, and pumps.

The graphical representation of the model can be output at any drawing scale. Pipes can be curvilinear and lengths automatically computed. Scanned TIFF aerial orthophoto images and maps; Mr. SID high-resolution orthophotos; ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and MicroStation files of streets, parcels, and buildings can be imported and displayed as a background image. This feature allows the user to quickly digitize a network model, confirm the network layout, or simply enhance the output modeling results. Moreover, the Network Element Inspector allows the user to point and click on any network manhole, pipe, pump, weir, ditch, channel, or detention pond from the horizontal plan view to quickly determine the defined input data and output modeling results.

StormPACK provides a variety of modeling elements to select from:

  • Watershed subbasins
  • Inlets & catchbasins
  • Detention Ponds
  • Complex outlet structures
  • Standpipes, weirs & orifices
  • Stormwater & wastewater sewers
  • Pumps & lift stations
  • Manholes & junctions
  • Rivers, streams & ditches
  • Culverts & bridges