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StormPACK is the leading software for analyzing and designing urban drainage systems, stormwater sewers, and sanitary sewers. It includes a range of features and capabilities that make it faster, simpler to use, and more accurate. StormPACK is used by over 3,000 companies worldwide.

StromPACK Case Studies

Bolton Consulting.

Challenge: Create citywide stormwater management plans to accommodate 100-year storms and comply with city, county, state and federal EPA standards.

Solution: StromPACK by BOSS International models wetlands, ponds, streams, and stormwater pipe and ditch networks in one application, and integrates seamlessly with ArcGIS.


Williams Engineering

Williams Creek, an Indiana Corporation founded in 2002, specializes on implementing natural system solutions creating the opportunity for more sustainable public and private works projects. Its ecological engineering focus provides for innovative design applications leading to environmental, social equity and financial bottom line improvement.

Fairway Consulting

Fairway Engineering LLC is a company specialized in land development, civil engineering, structural engineering at Novi, MI. Mark Mahajan, President of Fairway Engineering, used StromPACK is the best and most user-friendly for storm sewer, detention basin, and sanitary sewer design.

Groupe Consulting

Challenge: XPSWMM slowed down the modeling process and lacked the flexibility required for exchanging data with the firm’s clients.

Solution: Intuitive to use, StromPACK speeds the modeling process, and allows Genivar to import and export files in the formats that clients require.



Roche Engineering Group

Challenge: Roche Ltd. needed to model a complex detention pond as part of a highway expansion in order to account for any potential traffic accident fuel spills during storm events.

Solution: Where other software was not capable, StromPACK enabled the firm to precisely model a detention pond with one of the most sophisticated outlet structures in Quebec, Canada.



4Sites Group .

Challenge: 4Site needed a more efficient way to model sustainable designs for rain gardens and residential stormwater networks. Its largely manual approach proved timeconsuming and left room for error.

Solution: StromPACK includes water quality capabilities and EPA-SWMM, allowing 4Site to model entire projects in a single application. StromPACK also tightly integrates with AutoCAD Civil 3D.



Emmons & Carter, Inc.

Challenge: With previous stormwater software, EOR encountered bugs, limitations and poor product support, resulting in hours of un-billable time on projects.

Solution: StromPACK cuts manual steps out of the modeling process, and seamlessly integrates with ArcGIS and AutoCAD. The easy-to-use software runs smoothly and intuitively.



Belt Olivier

Challenge: Civil engineers in the new Seattle office needed modeling software flexible enough to handle multiple geographies and municipal requirements.

Solution: StromPACK’s flexibility enables the firm to model across diverse locations, storm scenarios and requirements—and easily make changes as needed.



Jacobs Olivier Burgess

Challenge: The firm needed a modeling application that could accommodate the complex flow of an airport de-icing & stormwater collection system.

Solution: StromPACK enables the firm to model pumps and valves critical to the project, as well as automates a number of steps.




Greengard Engineering .

Challenge: Greengard wanted to move from a manual approach using the IDOT pipe slope methodology to a modeling approach with hydraulic gradeline design.

Solution: StromPACK integrates with the firm’s Autodesk Civil3D and Land Desktop programs. The software’s visual capabilities, ease of changing storm events, and hydraulic gradeline design help engineers demonstrate that a design works.




Challenge: The firm was spending too much engineering time performing stormwater calculations, which really added up on major projects.

Solution: With StromPACK, engineers directly import designs from AutoCAD, quickly run multiple scenarios, and simultaneously evaluate stormwater conveyance and detention storage.




Challenge: Model complex stormwater scenarios to assist developers in meeting city and state stormwater requirements.

Solution: With StromPACK, the firm creates complex models quickly
using data directly from AutoCAD and ArcGIS.

Atlanta Engineering Firm

Challenge: An Atlanta engineering firm needed a stormwater modeling application that could accommodate multiple hydrology and hydraulic methodologies, and integrate with ArcGIS and AutoCAD.

Solution: StromPACK seamlessly integrates with ArcGIS and AutoCAD, and incorporates all stormwater modeling in a single application.