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RiverNET is the leading software that incorporates HEC-RAS and HEC-2 in AutoCAD. It includes a range of features and capabilities that automates HEC-RAS modeling tasks. Automatic cross section cutting, mapping of roughness values and bank station locations, floodplain mapping, floodway determination, bridges, culverts, and more. RiverNET is used by over 2,500 organizations worldwide.

RiverNET Training


Course Description

BOSS International provides personalized and customized training for RiverNET and HEC-RAS—the most powerful water surface profile software available. Learn from the experts that develop, maintain, and support RiverNET and HEC-RAS. Upon completion of this course, you will have complete knowledge of RiverNET and HEC-RAS and will be able to perform your engineering projects with complete confidence.

This training course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of RiverNET's capabilities for hydraulic engineers, hydrologists, and project managers of all experience levels who are involved in floodplain studies, bridge and culvert replacements, and other HEC-RAS modeling work.

Through “real-world” examples, participants will develop their own HEC-RAS models and simulate different design alternatives. Tips and tricks on increasing overall proficiency and productivity are provided throughout the training.

The primary focus of this training course is to provide “hands-on” experience. Participants will learn by doing, using RiverNET in “real-world” modeling lessons. By combining this training with an “in-house” project, participants are able to bill the training to an actual project while able to earn continuing education credits.

This training course covers the following:

  • HEC-RAS fundamentals, including theory and principals that underlie HEC-RAS
  • Model theory, limitations, standard applications
  • In-depth, step-by-step model building exercises
  • Automated cross section cutting
  • Automated floodplain encroachments and delineation
  • Automated floodplain mapping
  • Bridge and culvert modeling
  • Bridge scour
  • Subcritical and supercritical modeling
  • Importing cross section data
  • Importing DEM data
  • Importing survey data
  • Importing aerial orthophotos
  • Importing and exporting GIS data
  • Constructing digital terrain models from a variety of data sources
  • Scenario management
  • Model comparisons between pre-developed and post-developed models
  • Generating engineering reports
  • Detailed analysis output review
  • Exporting analysis results for engineering reports

Seminar Benefits

  • Benefit from “hands-on” instruction throughout the course
  • Learn practical applications in stormwater hydrology and hydraulics
  • Understand HEC-RAS modeling with RiverNET
  • Develop confidence in application of RiverNET to a variety of modeling problems
  • Learn how to troubleshoot models
  • Learn how to review analysis results
  • Learn advanced modeling techniques
  • Learn to recognize potential problems in a modeling situation

Attendees' Comments

“Our instructor was very patient and clearly communicated how to best use RiverNET for us. I really liked that the instructor audio/video recorded the presentations and worked on our model data directly. I think these are going to be very useful to us.”
Michael Krondak
NPPD - Nebraska Public Power District
North Platte, NE

“Very informative, Jacob used relevant examples by incorporating our data. Provided a good overview of the capabilities of RiverNET.”
Edward J. Dekleva
North Platte, NE

“I want to thank BOSS International for their training that they provided us. He's knowledge of HEC-RAS, RiverNET, and river hydraulics in general gave us the insights we needed to meet our client's objectives.”
Leonard Gabbard, P.E.
Springdale, AR

“The training with Jacob went very well - he was able to bring us up to speed on using the software for our particular applications and to help us make significant progress through the design of the project we were working on. Please pass on my regards to Jacob, and forward this email to anyone who is interested in course assessment.

You can rest assured however that I am very pleased with RiverNET and will be promoting its use as widely as possible in our project work.”
Dr. Dominic (Dom) Blackham
Associate Director
Ultimo, Sydney, Australia

“Our instructor was very knowledgeable and sharp.”
Harshad Patel
Design Engineer
Lanham, MD

“The instructor was very knowledgeable, patient, and interested in satisfying our needs. He was very hands-on applicable and practical. As an office manager, this course will better help me talk to our clients about what can be accomplished for their property via floodplain analyses. As a manager, this course will also help me better communicate with our project engineers and review their work.”
Michael Morse,
Office Manager
Lanham, MD

“I liked the instructor's ability to focus on various topics that we were interested in, including his knowledge of the subject matter and software in general.“
Chinmay G. Vyas, P.E., B.S, M.S.
Vice President
Lanham, MD

“The methods and presentation style of the instructor are very good. I would strongly recommend this training course to others.”
Jiginesh Patel, B.S. Civil
Lanham, MD

“RiverNET will be excellent for floodplain modeling for FEMA CLOMR and LOMR work. Our instructor was very friendly and courteous with our instruction and the presentations.”
John P. DeGunya, P.E.
Fresno, CA

“All of the training was very useful. RiverNET's thorough channel analysis and time savings is great. The exercises were hands-on, and the PowerPoint presentations were very good. This course was informative and impressive.”
Dennis Mills, P.E.
Visalia, CA

“I will be able to apply RiverNET to our water resources and land development projects. This software is very good. I liked how the instructor presented every subject in a clear way for all of us to understand and get familiar with the software. I would recommend this course because of the time savings capabilities of the software.”
Alejandro Daza
Bakersfield, CA

“The RiverNET software is extremely powerful. I have a project to start on right after this training seminar that I can use the knowledge I learned right away. Jacob (our Instructor) did a great job. The information and exercise provided was very useful and hands-on. I will be able to start my project right away.”
Limin (John) Zhang, P.E.
Warren, NJ

“RiverNET will allow me to be more effective with my next HEC study. The instructor's presentation style was very effective.”
Jun Hu
Warren, NJ

“I like the way our instructor taught the class.”
Michael A. Rivezzi
Warren, NJ

“Enjoyed that we had an open discussion and interaction during the RiverNET training.”
Mr. Jimmy Medellin
Irvine, CA

“I think that Jacob did a good job instructing us. I think that often it is more effective to ask an expert regarding software capabilities than trying to learn without instruction.”
Ms. Kristina (Tina) Cydzik
Menlo Park, CA

“I like how students and the instructor participated during the course. RiverNET will save us a great deal of time and production work in FEMA projects.”
Jose O. Delgado
Lyndhurst, NJ

“We have established a new civil engineering firm approximately 2 years ago. We have purchased new software for all applications, and the software we purchased for modeling flood studies was RiverNET. He met with our staff over a 2 day period for software training that was invaluable to our company. We have had a few issues with learning the software, and the follow up technical assistance has been with an almost immediate response. We have enjoyed the new relationship with BOSS, and are now looking into purchasing their StromPack package. I would highly recommend RiverNET software to other engineers.”
Paul Oglesby, P.E.
Civil Engineer
Madison, GA

“Our instructor had a very thorough understanding of RiverNET and how to apply it. We will be using RiverNET to evaluate floodplains and study the effects of existing and proposed culverts.”
Jason Paul Brown, P.E.
Civil Engineer
Madison, GA

“Jacob' knowledge is very extensive. This training will speed up various work functions within the engineering applications that we encounter on a regular basis.”
Dave O'Driscoll
St. Johns, NF, Canada

“Like level of expertise and knowledgebase. Very helpful in understanding issues with HEC-RAS UNET and RiverNET.”
Nick Lauretta
Fredericksburg, VA

“I like his competence in the program. Very informative, well taught class.”
Colon W. Gaskill, Jr.
Richmond, VA

“Appreciated the hands-on approach to work related projects. Jacob was flexible with requests and questions about a variety of different aspects of the program. Great learning experience variety in lessons and applications, relaxed learning environment, work related applications.”
Joanne McHenry, M.A.Sc.
Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

“Jacob tailored examples to our work. All of the training was directly applicable. Jacob was great!”
Timothy J. Hall, P.E.
Peabody, MA

“The software will be a very effective design tool for a wide range of designs. The teaching methods were very effective in that he was focusing on our needs and use of the software. RiverNET is very useful design software with a wide range of applications.”
Brian Greathouse
Montgomery, AL

“I would recommend this course to others. If they are interested in RiverNET and if they are modeling, it cuts down on modeling time.”
David Hernandez
Vernon Hills, IL

“Jacob' knowledge is very extensive. This training will speed up various work functions within the engineering applications that we encounter on a regular basis.”
Darryl Kenney
Downers Grove, IL

“I would really like to express to you how pleased that we were to have Jacob here last week. Everyone that I have talked to that was in the class has high praise for him. Jacob is patient and knowledgeable. He was able to help me, so he has to be patient and able to teach. Outside of the classroom Jacob was a joy to be around. Again, thank you.”
Robert L. George
Wichita, KS

“Our instructor was very personable and open for any questions. We will be using RiverNET to do our own flood studies in-house. This course was very valuable.”
Paul Oglesby, P.E.
Madison, GA

“Jacob is a very precise and thorough instructor who caters to the needs of his students. The training manuals and examples are very thorough and well developed and the instructions are presented in a manner that maximizes the amount of information learned in a reasonable amount of time. BOSS does a great job of presenting a solid overview of both products.”
John D. Schmit
Wichita, KS

“I found the entire class useful. I'm sure I will be using this for most of our studies - it will help to save time and effort. I enjoyed the class and I learned a lot!”
Robin Nodes
Mount Laurel, NJ

“I liked Jacob's development of the project, with responses and directions specific to our requests. The training course was very well put together.”
Dr. Mike Reese
Charleston, WV

“Jacob was very professional. The course was well distributed with explanations and hands-on examples.”
Darryl A. Dincans
Lufkin, TX

“Everything covered was pertinent and useful. Jacob could easily answer real world questions and applications.”
Kelly Morris, P.E.
Lufkin, TX