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RiverNET Product Demonstration

What is RiverNET?
RiverNET is a sophisticated river modeling software that completely supports HEC-RAS and HEC-2 within AutoCAD.
RiverNET makes it extremely easy to compute water surface profiles for modeling bridges, culverts, spillways, levees, bridge scour, floodway delineation, flood plain reclamation, stream diversions, stream restorations, stream realignments, channel improvements, and split flows.

What will I learn?
Our FREE interactive online training sessions showcase the speed and ease of use of RiverNET, allowing you to do your HEC-RAS projects up to 10 times faster.

How do I attend?
You'll log in to a website and our engineer will call and guide you through a FREE online training session using RiverNET, showing you how to do your HEC-RAS projects up to 10 times faster.

How do I register for this?
One of our engineers will schedule for you a customized training session. There are no obligations, whatsoever.

RiverNET Training Session Registration Information