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RiverNET is the leading software that incorporates HEC-RAS and HEC-2 in AutoCAD. It includes a range of features and capabilities that automates HEC-RAS modeling tasks. Automatic cross section cutting, mapping of roughness values and bank station locations, floodplain mapping, floodway determination, bridges, culverts, and more. RiverNET is used by over 2,500 organizations worldwide.


RiverNET provides an integrated GIS Module, allowing you to import, process, and export ArcGIS and ArcView GIS shapefiles for HEC-RAS and HEC-2 data. GIS data containing contours, river alignments, river overbank station locations, ineffective flow areas, flow lengths, roughness sub-areas, land use mapping, and cross section locations can be directly imported. After the HEC-RAS (and HEC-2) modeling has been completed, the entire HEC-RAS (and HEC-2) model (including input and output data) can be exported back to GIS.

The following HEC-RAS/HEC-2 GIS data is supported:

  • Importing and exporting of river alignments
  • Importing and exporting of cross section locations
  • Importing and exporting of bank station locations
  • Importing and exporting of ineffective flow areas
  • Importing and exporting of channel and overbank flow lengths
  • Importing and exporting of Manning’s roughness
  • Exporting of completed floodplain maps
  • Exporting of completed floodway maps
  • Exporting of computed water surface elevations
  • Exporting of computed base flood elevation (BFE) contours
  • Exporting of computed flood depth contours and hazard mapping
  • Exporting of defined HEC-RAS (and HEC-2) input model data