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  • StormShed 2G

    To download the StormShed 2G software package, check the box of the appropriate file below and then click on the "Download Selected" button. An e-mail will be sent to you with the download link.

    Download StormShed 2G
    File Size: 13377892 bytes
    File Date: Fri Mar 5 19:14:31 2004

    This is the main installation program for StormShed 2G.

    To install StormShed 2G, perform the following steps:

    1. Download the installation file and save it to a temporary directory (e.g., c:\temp).

    2. Run the installation program.

    3. Follow the installation instructions.

  • StormShed 2G

    The documentation for StormShed 2G is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF version 4.0 format.

    Download StormShed 2G Methods & Reference Manual (PDF File)

    File Size: 3419911 bytes
    File Date: Thu Feb 13 16:55:42 2003

    The topics discussed in this reference manual correspond to the major divisions within the StormShed 2G program. A section on Stormwater Runoff Estimation leads the topics because it is fundamental to the purpose of the program. Without stormwater, there is no point in designing conveyance systems or detention facilities. Stormwater is created by precipitation.

    The remaining chapters describe in detail the equations used by the program in each of the major categories. Uniform flow describes the assumptions and equations used by the program to compute flow and velocity. The chapter on control structures describes the equations and structures that are supported by the program.

    This manual is not intended to teach engineering principles. It is assumed that those individuals using the program already have a firm grasp of the theory and its application. The material in this manual simply describes the procedures and equations that are used in StormShed 2G. No attempt is made to explain why the procedures used are appropriate in the instances that they are used within StormShed 2G.

    Download StormShed 2G Program Description Manual (PDF File)

File Size: 1331628 bytes
File Date: Thu Feb 13 16:57:15 2003

StormShed2G is organized into two views, the left view is the tree view and the right view the main view. The tree view shows the categories of data that StormShed 2G maintains for each project. The main view displays several types of data, depending on what the program is asked to do. The options available are: a schematic layout of a conveyance system, a detention pond analysis form, or report of the most recent computation. In addition to the two views, the program will present numerous dialogs that are used to either gather information about a storm drainage related object, or obtain computational instructions.

StormShed 2G does not send anything to the printer. Instead, the program is designed to make all information available to your word processing program. In preparation for future versions of the program, this current release creates all output in standard HTML format. This allows all reports to be viewable via any standard browser.

Download StormShed 2G Tutorial Manual (PDF File)

File Size: 1039621 bytes
File Date: Thu Feb 13 16:58:09 2003

The StormShed2G Tutorial is designed to familiarize the user with the location of program features as well as demonstrate the basic steps to accomplish standard tasks.

This manual is designed to step the user through a sequence of steps required to accomplish certain design tasks. It starts with simple data entry for Basins, Discharge structures, and Nodes. Then integrates the data into a detention pond design.

  • Additional Technical Documentation

    To download the following technical documents, check the box of the desired documents and then click on the "Download Selected" button. An e-mail will be sent to you with the download links. These documents are available in Adobe Acrobat version 4.0 PDF format.

    Download Documentation on Detention Pond Design (PDF File)

    File Size: 1318314 bytes
    File Date: Wed May 15 14:36:15 2002

    The traditional design of storm drainage systems has been to collect and convey storm runoff as rapidly as possible to a suitable location where it can be discharged. As areas urbanize this type of design may result in major drainage and flooding problems downstream. Under favorable conditions, the temporary storage of some of the storm runoff can decrease downstream flows and often the cost of the downstream conveyance system. Detention storage facilities can range from small facilities contained in parking lots or other on-site facilities to large lakes and reservoirs. This PDF file provides a general design criteria for detention/retention storage basins as well as procedures for performing preliminary and final sizing and reservoir routing calculations.

  • Hardware Lock Driver Installation Program

    To download the following Hardware Lock Driver Installation program, check the box below and then click on the "Download Selected" button. An e-mail will be sent to you with the download link. The following program will install the hardware lock driver.

    Download Hardware Lock Driver Installation Program
    File Size: 578944 bytes
    File Date: Mon Sep 20 16:04:48 2004

    This program will install the appropriate drivers for both single-user workstation hardware locks and multi-user network hardware locks.